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Landscape maintenance and improvement services for North Metro Atlanta

Lawn Maintenance

If a freshly manicured lawn is your thing, then Magnolia Outdoor Solutions has got you covered. We offer weekly lawn maintenance plans that always include mowing, edging and blowing of driveways and sidewalks. Keep your yard looking clean all year with weekly blowing of leaves from your lawn, driveways, and sidewalks in winter months.

Weekly Service

Cutting your grass weekly, not only keeps it looking clean, it keeps it healthy. More often cutting of lawn grasses ensures less stress on your turf each time it is cut. Also, warm season varieties tend to grow thicker when cut lower and more often. The result is thicker, greener grass.

Cutting height taylored to your grass type and conditions

Know that your grass will always be cut at a height to help maintain its health and appearance. We cut most warm season grasses at lower heights, and raise the height on cool season varieties to reduce stress and increase appearance.

Edging: included with every lawn maintenance plan

In order to increase the curb appeal of your lawn, edging is included in your lawn maintenance plan. This service leaves behind clean lines along your driveways, patios, sidewalks, and flower beds, increasing the overall appearance of your landscape. Weekly edging also helps to control the creeping of grasses into flower beds and other landscape areas. If you have fences or other structures that your lawn grows up against, those areas will be trimmed down as well.

Blowing of driveways, sidewalks, patios, and decks

A beautiful lawn can be ruined if the rest of your property is covered in debris. Each lawn maintenance service plan includes blowing of debris from driveways, sidewalks, patios, and decks. Removal of limited amounts of large sticks and debris is also included. And in the winter blowing of leaves from your hardscapes and lawn keep your yard looking it's best all year around.

Tree & Shrub Care

A beautiful landscape doesn't stop with your lawn. Your ornamental trees, shrubs, and hedges need attention as well. At Magnolia Outdoor Solutions, we know when to trim your shrubs and how often. This service can be added to a lawn maintenance program for an additional fee. We can even include heavy pruning at the correct times of year to your ornamental trees and shrubs in order to keep everything in line.

Other services for a healthy lawn

Turfgrass management isn't only about mowing. Other tasks should be performed periodically in order to keep your lawn thick and green.

Core Aeration

Probably one of the most beneficial services for your lawn, core aeration helps with many problems. Core aeration is the process of pulling hundreds of cores of soil out of the ground all over your lawn. This process aids in getting oxygen to the roots of the grass, reduces soil compaction, and helps with the breakdown of thatch. This also cuts many of the stolons or runners that warm season grasses run on creating new shoots and more growth. Core aeration is also beneficial when seeding a new lawn overseeding an existing lawn as it helps with seed to soil contact; a critical part of seeding a lawn. We at Magnolia Outdoor Solutions have you covered for all of your core aeration neeeds. Why rent a machine at the local hardware store, when you can have it done for the same price or a little more?


Cool season lawns can produce absolutely beautiful turf. But there is a problem with cool season varieties such as fescue and rye grass; they have a tough time standing up to our southern heat and tend to thin out during the summer time. Fall is the perfect time to overseed your cool season lawn in order to create new growth that has time to develop strong roots before the next summer. Performing this service once a year will keep your fescue lawn looking its best year around.

Warm season lawns such as bermudagrass, zoysia, and St. Augustine thrive in our hot summers, but come winter, they turn to a whitish brown color. If you want year around green, you can overseed your warm season lawn with either perrenial rye grass or fescue grass in the fall.

Wether you have a cool season lawn or want your warm season lawn to look green all year, Magnolia Outdoor Solutions has got you covered for all of your overseeding needs.


Thick lawns are beautiful to look at, but they also have a tendency to get a build up of thatch at the soil level from frequent mowing and ground compaction. Clippings and other debris that make it down to the soil and do not decompose, over a period of time will cause a buildup of thatch. This thatch, if allowed to become dense enough will begin to starve the roots of your lawn of oxygen, water, and nutrients. It will also slow the biological activity in the soil resulting in less nutrients for the grass. One part of combating this is core aeration, the other is the addition of sand and topsoil to create more biological activity at the soil layer helping to break down the thatch. This process is called topdressing. This is also a great time to fill in any unlevel spots in the turf so that the grass doesn't get scalped when mowed more closely.

You can count onMagnolia Outdoor Solutions for all of your topdressing needs. We will get the sand soil mix delivered to your property, fill any holes and distribute the remaining soil evenly over the yard at 1/8 to 1/4 inches thick.

Lawn Improvements

Sod Installation

Has your yard reached the point of no return? Do you have more weeds than grass? Or do you simply want to upgrade to a different type of grass? Fear not, Magnolia Outdoor Solutions has got you covered. We will measure the areas where you want new grass and make sure to get the correct amount of sod. We will then install your new lawn by adding new topsoil to give the new grass nutrients and increase biological activity in the soil, then aerate or till the area to cultivate the soil so the new topsoil can start to mix with the current soil in your lawn, and finally we will lay the sod and cut all edges to specifications. While laying the sod, light hand grading will be performed to keep everything as level as possible. Afterwards, you may add topdressing service to get the lawn as smooth as glass, leaving you with a beautiful lay of turfgrass.

Magnolia Outdoor Solutions installs many types of turfgrass including varieties of Bermudagrass, Zoysiagrass, St. Augustine, and Centipede grass. If you need help selecting a turf variety, we've got you covered there too. We have the knowledge necessary to select the best grass for your yard based on shade, orientation, and water needs.

Turfgrass Seeding

Don't want to foot the bill for sod, but want to start a new area of grass in your yard? Why not start from seed. We at Magnolia Outdoor Solutions can help you get started by aerating, adding topsoil and spreading seed and mulch to establish your new lawn with. Just add fertilizer and water and in a few weeks you will be on your way to a beautiful lawn!

We offer seeding of many lawn grass varieties including Bermudagrass, Zoysia grass, Fescue, and Ryegrass. Count on Magnolia Outdoor Solutions for help with selecting a turf type that is best for your needs.

Remember, a great looking lawn doesn't stop at installation. Once your lawn is installed, count on Magnolia Outdoor Solutions for all of your lawn maintenance needs in order to keep your lawn looking beautiful for years to come!

Landscape Improvements

Whether your adding to an established landscape or completely starting over, Magnolia Outdoor Solutions has the services you need for installation of new plantings and some hardscapes

Ornamental plant installation

Ornamental plants such as small trees and shrubs add beauty to your yard. Let us install your ornamental trees and shrubs in order to guarantee optimal planting practices so your plant will thrive.

Paver patios & walkways

Need space for outdoor entertaining? How about a new patio. We offer many options of paver styles for the perfect patio or walkway! An know it will be installed right when you go with Magnolia Outdoor Solutions. We will make sure to use the materials necessary and the correct amounts so your new patio or walkway will stay in place and look beautiful for years to come!

Retaining Walls

Is your yard full of uneven terrain that you wonder what you could ever do about it. Create style and clean up your yard with terraced areas and retaing walls separating higher areas from lower areas. Count on Magnolia Outdoor Solutions for all your retaining wall needs. We provide many styles of walls to fit your particular design needs!

Deck repairs, staining, and refinishing

Do you love entertaining and spending time enjoying your yard, but your outdoor space is in disrepair. Magnolia Outdoor Solutions has you covered for many deck repair needs. We can replace floorboards and handrails, refinish, and even apply paint or stain to add a finished look. Keep your space safe and beautiful and get your deck problems taken care of quickly.